Friday, March 29, 2013

Deal Dash: Where the Deals come cbeap!

DealDash DealDash is a penny auction site that allows people to get items at a  discounted price. Since it opened in February of 2009 DealDash users have won more then 6 auctions a piece, on average.DealDash also offers the users of its site an offer, the offer being if they do not win an auction with their first bid pack they will give you back the bids that you bought so you will not have to purchase a new bid pack right away. This offer is unique to DealDash as far as I know because I have joined other penny auction sites and they don’t “guarantee” an auction with the first bid pack you buy like DealDash does.Another great feature of the site is free shipping on all the auctions. The delivery may take a little longer (DealDash estimates that you will get the package between 1 and 4 weeks after payment of item) but it saves you a little money in the long run.You might be wondering what the catch is? How can a site like DealDash can offer such steep discounts on items. They use the money from selling bid packs to help them get the items. Bids cost $0.60 a piece and come in packs of 25 or more. DealDash

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The rise of Tazo© Tea

Tazo   A lot of people have become accustomed with Tazo Tea as a result of their relationship with Starbucks espresso. The tasty and stylish tea has acquired in notoriety and is now available in most great foodstuff retailers as effectively as solely as a result of Starbucks Espresso. Quite a few Starbucks even market a bottle wide variety of Tazo Tea's chilly drinks line. Of all those who have become accustomed to savoring a very hot cup or even chilly bottle of a taste of Tazo Tea, few know the intriguing background behind the company.Imagine it or not, Tazo has only been all-around since 1994 a extremely brief time for a firm to rise to these prominence in the beverage entire world. Tazo Tea was started by Steve Smith, who retired from Tazo in 2006. Mr. Smith co-launched the organization with Stephen Lee, who nevertheless continues to be with them today. Tazo was an offshoot of their unique enterprise, Stash Tea Corporation which was started in 1972. In 1998, even though searching for capital for his enterprise through investors, Mr. Smith approached Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz as a likely suitor. Schultz grew to become so enamored with Tazo, that in 1999, Starbucks ordered them in 1999 for $ten.eight million.Tazo's results many like in their products eyesight. They use a special approach to marketing their merchandise. Alternatively of a conventional product or service emblem and branding, they use a new age fashion. Just about every bag of tea is explained to be blessed by a 'certified tea shaman'. This quite unique tactic granted Tazo to acquire a great deal recognition in the tea marketplace which is filled with several big organizations. Of program, they aren't all seems. The taste of their teas is unrivaled. They use a particular variety of teas and blends that permit the fullest flavor to be extracted from the tea leaves. Even now, Starbucks is switching their tea bags from Tazo's old formulation to their new a single which includes full tea leaves. Tea drinkers will be delighted with the burst of taste from the new variety of tea bag.Tazo has generally prided itself on staying the finest tea maker close to. Their vision has generally centered on the excellent of their product or service. It is the reason Howard Schultz, a gentleman who understands a matter or two about sizzling beverages, bought the corporation only months following being released to their product. Fortunately, the purchase allowed Tazo Teas to be released to hundreds of thousands of people across the nation and even the entire world. Tazo

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mrs. Fields Cookies!

Get 10% OFF all Easter Gifts from Mrs. Fields!* Use promo code: 13EEF. *Online only. Offer ends 3/29/13. Shop Now! It was all about taking control of her life. So Debbi Fields, a young mother with no business experience, opened her first cookie store in Palo Alto, California in 1977. They told her she was crazy. No business could survive just selling cookies. Humble beginnings launched Mrs. Fields® into a worldwide celebrity and made her company the premier chain of cookie and baked goods stores.Headstrong determination. A dynamic personality. A sincere concern for people. They all played a role in Debbi Fields' success. But quality, more than anything, accounts for Mrs. Fields® ' worldwide acceptance. The mission has always been to create the highest quality product possible - every time. That commitment has yielded products like no others, deeply satisfying personal indulgences that consumers just can't get enough of.To extend her vision, Mrs. Fields® began franchising in 1990... It's now the rarest of franchise opportunities. A new dynamic opportunity that's backed by name recognition and approval from worldwide consumers. An opportunity for you, like Debbi, to take control of your life."The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it." Get 10% OFF all Easter Gifts from Mrs. Fields!* Use promo code: 13EEF. *Online only. Offer ends 3/29/13. Shop Now!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ebiz Guru's is Changing!

Hey Everyone! We wanted to give everyone a heads up and to let everyone know things will be changing. We will now start by doing small profiles on small businesses nd new start up companiesw ouewership is low but we hope to change that as well. If anyone has any great suggestions for companies just leave it in the comments below! Thank you for all the support! Ebiz Guru Team

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Market Your Business With Pintrest! Here's How!

If you think that publishing is going through an evolution then photography is experiencing a revolution. There are happy snappers everywhere. The smart phone with the inbuilt high definition camera is turning everyone into a photgrapher. Add some software technology with Instagram filters and an ordinary photo is becoming a piece of art.Sites such as Pinterest are also allowing us to share this visual art form in glorious color, creativity and ease just by pinning images from the screen with a couple of clicks.Competitors such as The are  taking these concepts of visual pinning even further into the realm of social commerce and have announced that they have reached a whopping one million usersalready. The Rise of Social Mobile Commerce The Fancy has introduced a few new features into its mobile app offering, most notably the ability to buy products (they are reportedly making an average of $50,000 each week from users snapping up the products they fancy). Up until now users could only collect images they fancied, but now you can buy them with one-click purchasing directly from your iPhone or iPad.This revolution is changing the way businesses perform commerce online.  Online vendors are realizing that the habits and practices of  buyers online are changing rapidly and that tablet and smartphone users are much more likely to impulse buy with the convenience of one click shopping. Pinterest has the Numbers When it is all said and done, Pinterest still has the mind share and the numbers (currently at over 20 million users) but it certainly needs to keep developing its platform rapidly.Online boutiques such as Boticca have turned their product categories into boards on Pinterest and are generating up to 10% of their sales from clicks from Pinterest. (Read more about that here)So how do you use Pinterest to market your business? 10 Tips for Marketing on Pinterest As with all marketing you need to start with a plan to win and Pinterest is no different. 1. Plan for Pinning Success When setting up your account make sure it is set up properly and branded with your logo. Create boards that suit your target customers and your industry niche. Also make sure that you have integrated your Pinterest platform with your other social media platforms. 2. Remember Copyright I was attending an online retailer conference recently and ShopNBC pointed out that it is important to ensure that you are not pinning images that have copyright.   Also remember to attribute your source. 3. Pin Straegically The mantra is Pin, Repin and follow. Build up a  loyal tribe and they will reward you with significant sharing. Remember when anyone repins the link still points back to your site. Think of Pinterest as a friendly virus. 4. Be a Social Pinner Don’t forget to comment , like other pins and @tag other pinners by name. Also remember your manners and say thanks when you are repinned. 5. Produce Pinnable Content The rise of a much more visual web requires you to create and share high quality images. Also remember that you can also pin video as well. For B2B businesses that work in knowledge industries you can also pin images that point to your presentations on Slideshare. 6. Create and Curate Don’t just post your images curate other quality images and photos from others. Remember to share the love. The power of reciprocation is alive and well and if you share others content they will feel obliged to share yours. 7. Be a Creative Pinner A lot of business have great images offline that could be placed online to add to your content. Run competitions and include call to action in your pins. 8. Keep Search Engines in Mind Google notices fresh content and also social signals. So optimize your pins with hashtags, links, categories and keywords. It is very important to pin images and content from your website. Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your website if you do this correctly with compelling and contagious photos and images. Infographics work very well on Pinterest. 9. Do
n’t Forget your Tools The most essential tool is the “Pin It” button on your browser. Also download the Pinterest app for your mobile devices. 10. Monitor and Measure your Traffic This will assist you in finding out what works and what doesn’t. Do more of what works. Also monitor what your competitors and other brands are doing and you will be surprised by what you will learn. Source: Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted on the AmyPorterfield Blog What about You? How are you using Pinterest? Is it working for you?Is Pinterest a waste of time for your business. Should B2B businesses bother with Pinterest?I look forward to hearing your stories.

Monday, October 8, 2012

SEO Start Up Kit, its easy, I use it! (link at the bottom)

You may have usually had a dream of being an entrepreneur and starting your own business. If you have been afraid to take the plunge because of the high cost of starting an organization, now may be the time for it to give it a go. The Internet has caused it to be easier for more visitors to be their own manager. Many online businesses start with little to certainly no overhead. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION Company. If you are good at getting websites to rank great for search engines by using keywords, content, HTML and other techniques you have the capability to start own search engine optimization online businesses. As easy as everything of SEO may certainly you, there are thousands of individuals who no idea how to operate a vehicle traffic to their sites. All you need is actually your own computer, an Internet connection and a business website to start attempting to find clients. If you are definitely skilled at SEO, you likely possess some other Internet marketing skills to help you reach customers.
    Writing Business. If you have recently been laid off from some newspaper, you could have a bright future if you can establish yourself online. You will need to generate a website showcasing your s ervices and rates. While querying for careers from online ads a wonderful idea, one of the best ways to get higher paying work may be to contact local businesses with the see if anyone must have content for print materials or maybe a website. Businesses are looking for contractors to aid with writing and marketing efforts so they do not need to pay benefits. If you are blessed that there is too many projects coming in, you can subcontract some work.  Coaching. Coaching can be a superb online business. If you have been a pro worker in a discipline for years and are seeking a change, you can qualify being a coach.

    Coaching is needed these days in almost every market. People need help with public speaking, life skills and sales. You can teach other people creating an online business by hosting webinars, offering phone and Skype sessions and by sending out white papers and tutorials. As your business stretches, you may even find it profitable to move part of your business off of the internet and to give group coaching sessions in public places. Professional Social Networking. If you know the details of Facebook, Twitter and email marketing you have useful tools at the ready. There are many people who run businesses who have packed schedules filled with meetings who would love to do more social networking and Internet marketing, but they don't enjoy the time. Start your own company by offering these services. You may want to start on a part period basis. Once you begin to own solid results from your attempts, you can promote these statistics to get more clients. This simple SEO Business Startup Kit Review will aid you to differentiate wh
ether SEO Business Startup Kit is Scam or a Genuine. Are you considering starting your own SEO business, or probably you're already established and wishes to take your business to another location level and really ramp in place your income? Then awesome! You've come to the right place. This SEO business startup kit is the outcome of years of encounter and effort, compiled for freelancers like you trying to either start all the way up an SEO business for when or enhance your active business with proven plans, contracts, agreement forms, document templates and some no nonsense "how to" comprehensive step by step business guide. Its a 217 internet pages ebook that covers, how to get people, business plans, outsourcing, how to charge for SEO plus more. Simply downlod and go - there's certainly no waiting. This system consists of a comprehensive business step by move guide and over ninety document templates ready meant for immediate use. All you have you need to do is fill in that blanks, it really is that simple! So if you wish to secure more clients, and follow a much more professional approach with each project and obtain rid of all some of those doubts and worries, then you really want to do yourself a favour and get this business kit. Start your SEO company with total confidence. Dont waste valuable time period and money getting reduced by clients who refuse to pay, or missing out on significant projects because your idea sucks; simply purchase and transfer this comprehensive SEO Business Startup Kit that wont only save you time period, but improve your possibilities of establishing a highly lucrative website positioning business.

 Then I would try this and see what this SMALL kit could REALLY DO FOR YOU!!!
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Five Ways To Help Buld Your Small/Online Business!

Building a profitable website is never going to be a walk in the park. If it were that easy, every man (and his proverbial dog) would be in on the action. Whilst it may in fact be very easy to build any old website, actually creating one that makes you real affiliate cash can prove to be a far greater challenge. Today you’re going to learn how to make a successful website as an affiliate marketer. I’m talking about building profitable websites that fill your ClickBank account with those pretty little (or in this case, big) sales bars.In particular, you are going to learn the tested formula for building successful and profitable websites that both your visitors and Google will find irresistible. By following this formula, you are going to see higher search engine rankings, more traffic, more opt-ins, and even greater numbers of sales.So what is this magical formula for building profitable and successful affiliate sites?Great contentAttractive designPowerful opt-in formsTop-notch customer serviceIf you can nail all four of the above factors in the “successful sites equation,” then you’ll be on to a winner.Now don’t worry for a second that I’m going to leave you hanging without actually explaining each of those factors further. It’s time to put on your learning cap, and get ready to find out exactly how to build successful affiliate websites. Adding Great Content When it comes to creating profitable affiliate websites, you need to focus on adding great content that your readers will love and appreciate. I’m not talking about filler content that doesn’t add any value or teach anything useful; instead, you need to be building your sites based around cutting-edge information, advice, and resources for your visitors.How many times have you done a Google search for some information, only to come across a website that doesn’t actually offer anything useful? In this situation, you are far more likely to hit your browser’s back button in disgust, never to return. On the other hand, if the website offers content (articles, blog posts, videos, pictures etc) that actually give you what you are looking for in the first place, you will be far more likely to continue reading and maybe even purchase from that website.Here’s a very simple checklist that will help you to ensure you’re providing quality content:Think about optimizing your content for human readers, as opposed to search enginesThoroughly research every piece of content that you createMake sure you teach or give what you promised to give (for example, if your article is about five ways to lose weight, make sure it provides five different ways people can lose weight)By adding great content to your site, you will have the first (and most important) factor sorted for building a successful affiliate site. Using Attractive Website Designs It’s not 1999 anymore. The days of ugly websites laden with tacky animated graphics, frames, and gaudy banner ads appear to be coming to an end – it’s time to rejoice! However, I still see many affiliate marketers using sites that appear to be straight from the 1990′s.If you want to succeed online, then it is absolutely critical that you have a great looking website that inspires confidence and makes people trust you more. Think about the biggest authority sites in the world; invariably they have attractive site designs that are clean, professional, and easy-to-navigate.Creating a beautiful website that is a true work of art no longer requires complex coding knowledge, nor expensive website design software. Many affiliates and webmasters have now caught on to the fact that you can build professional quality websites with mere mouse clicks, by combining the amazing power of WordPress with an attractive theme.There is no excuse for an ugly or dated looking site. This may sound harsh, but it’s a truth you need to realize if you want to build a successful website. Powerful Opt-in Forms They say that the money is in the list. Although there are some exceptions to this rule, generally it is a very solid framework for getting the biggest bang for your buck from affiliate marketing. By encouraging visitors to opt-in to your list, you can build quality relationships and dramatically increase your profits with effective pre-selling and multiple sales per customer.Of course it’s not actually as easy as it sounds to set up a profitable list. One of the biggest hurdles that seems to topple many affiliates is implementing your list into your site with opt-in forms and squeeze pages that really convert. All too often you can see affiliates who might have fantastic content and pre-sells for their list, only to wind up with virtually no subscribers because of ugly, clumsy, or misplaced opt-in forms.You need to create powerful opt-in forms by combining these two things:A list hook that makes people want to subscribe (for example, a fantastic report that would normally be worth $27, but you’re giving it away for free!)Opt-in forms and squeeze pages that convert – they need to be attractive, well-placed, and designed with high conversions in mind.Get this “mini formula” right, and you’ll have an unstoppable opt-in magnet. Top-Notch Customer Service Let’s imagine there are two websites; Site A and Site B. Now these sites are absolutely identical, apart from the fact that Site A has terrible customer service, and Site B always goes that extra mile to make sure customers (even visitors who don’t opt-in or buy) are looked after.Which website do you think will be more popular?If you guessed Site B, then congratulations, you’re in the same league as Einstein.The final factor in the formula for building profitable affiliate sites could be viewed as the most important. No matter how attractive your website is – regardless of how great your content is -  people won’t want to come back and buy from you if you do not treat them with courtesy and respect.Make sure you reply swiftly to email inquiries, blog comments, or complaints and you should be fine!In conclusion, if you want to build a successful affiliate website and load your bank account with commissions, then you need to get your formula right. Just as a good baker never leaves out a single ingredient, you need to make sure that everything is added in the right order to make a fantastic website.